State Programs

Publications and Research

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of publicly funded preschool education programs in California as a whole, with case studies of four counties.

This report describes which groups of California's children are falling short of proficiency in English-language arts and mathematics in the early elementary grades and evaluates the potential for well-designed preschool programs to close achievement gaps.

A power point presentation on Oklahoma's prekindergarten program by William Gormley delivered at a congressional briefing on key issues in preschool education June 18, 2007.

An evaluation of the effects of prekindergarten programs in five states (Michigan, New Jersey, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and West Virginia) on children’s receptive vocabulary, math, and print awareness skills. Authors Vivian Wong, Thomas Cook, Steve Barnett, and Kwanghee Jung used a rigorous research design to estimate effects.

This report presents the results of a longitudinal study of New Jersey's public preschool program, which found that children attending the program improve in language, literacy and math skills through the end of their kindergarten year.