Publications and Research

Milagros Nores, NIEER’s Associate Director of Research, joined Columbia University’s celebration of 50 years of Latin American studies at the school by speaking about early childhood education research and policy at “A Conversation on Education Across the Americas.” This event featured a panel made up of alumni from the university’s Teachers College. The other panelists were Ryan Burgess (Inter-American Development Bank), Veronica Cabezas (Universidad Católica de Chile), Paulo Da Silva (New York University), Adrian Franco (Federal Reserve Bank of New York), and Adriana Vilela (Organization of American States). The entire event was recorded and can be watched on Teachers College's YouTube page. Dr. Nores' presentation was entitled "Early Childhood Development in Lation America: A Cost-Effective poverty eradication srategy."

NIEER Director Steve Barnett spoke about the return on investment in supporting pre-K with public funding at the Global HR Forum in Seoul, South Korea.

In this Spanish-language presentation, NIEER Director W. Steven Barnett discussed investing in the first five years of life to promote children's healthy development. Dr. Barnett gave this presentation at the Universidad Rafael Landivar in Guatemala City, Guatemala. He spoke on the importance of public investments in early education for children to reach their full potential.

NIEER Senior Research Fellow Jim Squires gave this keynote address at the GeorgiaForward Education Summit in Atlanta, Georgia.

At the Head Start National Research Conference in Washingon, DC, NIEER Director Steve Barnett spoke on instruction for English language learners in preschool education classrooms.