Governance and Accountability

Publications and Research

This policy brief examines how class size and staff-child ratios affect quality, educational effectiveness, and cost of preschool programs.

A book chapter that examines data on state-funded preschool programs to discuss the possible outcomes of shifting control of Head Start from the federal to the state level.

Can investing in high-quality early education reduce the demand for high-cost special education, social welfare and criminal justice systems? NIEER Director Steve Barnett makes this point in this video, which features children in preschool and parents who weigh in on the issue.

Sparked by the New Jersey Supreme Court's landmark 1998 decision in the Abbott v. Burke court case, the state has developed a whole new system of pedagogy focused on 3- and 4-year-olds.

New York is unique among the many states with state-funded preschool: it has two contrasting, yet successful programs.