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This paper develops a model that takes into account a wide range of assumptions for determining the long-term effects of early education on growth and the national economy.

Can current school reform policies like the No Child Left Behind Act close the achievement gap?

This policy report examines academic and social outcomes of half-day versus full-day kindergarten and trends in provision of full-day programs. Recommendations include balancing anticipated gains from expanding kindergarten schedules against cost considerations and developing classroom and teacher support strategies when moving to full-day.

This policy report analyzes what the research says about access to and gains made in high-quality preschool programs by children from middle-income families. Recommendations include expanding publicly funded preschool programs to include middle-income children and strengthening standards for child care and early education programs.

This paper presents an overview of the efforts over three years (2002-2005) to develop and implement an assessment system for the New Jersey Abbott Preschool Program. From February, 2002 through August, 2005, Dr. Frede was assistant to the commissioner, Office of Early Childhood Education, New Jersey Department of Education.