English Language Learners

Publications and Research

A report from The National Task Force on Early Childhood Education for Hispanics.

This working paper explores whether the cognitive benefits of preschool education generalize to children from specific cultural or ethnolinguistic backgrounds, particularly children from the Hispanic population.

Brings together current knowledge and understanding of how literacy can best be developed, nurtured, and taught.

Study by a university-based independent research center shows California preschools and child care centers only have room for one in every seven children age 0-5, even though state spending for child care has nearly quadrupled since 1996.

A telephone survey of parents and guardians of more than 7500 preschoolers found that frequency of parents' reading to children varied by ethnicity, primary language spoken in the home, age of the child, number of siblings, and mother's educational attainment, with ethnicity being the most influential single factor.