English Language Learners

Publications and Research

Dina C. Castro, Mariela M. Páez, David K. Dickinson, and Ellen Frede examine practices for effective language and literacy instruction involving young English language learners (ELLs) and provide policy and research recommendations in this article published in Child Development.

At the NAEYC Professional Development Institute in Phoenix, Ellen Frede, NIEER co-director, and Eugene García, NIEER Scientific Advisory Board member and vice president of Arizona State University, co-presented on the topic of English Language Learners (ELLs). Specifically, Drs. Frede and Garcia spoke on the research base for policy and practice for young dual language learners (DLLs), drawing from their book Developing the Research Agenda for Young English Language Learners. They provided syntheses of the literature for young ELLs on critical topics such as demographics, development of bilingualism, cognitive and neurological benefits of bilingualism, and family relationships, as well as classroom, assessment, and teacher-preparation practices. 

This paper aims to provide detailed descriptive analyses of the patterns of language minority students' achievement.

Presentation by NIEER Assistant Research Professor Milagros Nores and Claudia Pineda, University of California, on their study of Hispanic gaps, addressing questions such as: How much of the Hispanic achievement gap can be explained by language background differences and immigration experiences? How do Hispanics gaps evolve over time and compare to other racial groups? How do these differ across language backgrounds within the Hispanic group? Are there differences in gaps among children of immigrant versus non-immigrant parents and how does language matter in this context?

ELL Working Group researchers recommend opportunities for improving ELL outcomes through ARRA allocations.