Economics and Finance

Publications and Research

Senior Economist Timothy J. Bartik examines the effects on earnings of early childhood programs in this working paper from the Upjohn Institute.

This working paper from the Upjohn Institute's Timothy J. Bartik looks at the effects of early childhood programs and business incentives on income distribution.

This brief from The Brookings Institution estimates the impacts two model preschool programs would have on federal, state and local government budgets, finding that both programs would provide increased revenues over time.

Public support for the education and care of 3- and 4-year-olds has increased, but has this helped or hurt the provision of care for infants (children up to 12 months old) and toddlers (1- and 2-year-olds)? This policy brief examines trends in supply and demand in the infant/toddler care market, reviews state and federal policies for infant/toddler care, and recommends policy changes that could ensure new preschool policies benefit infant/toddler care and avoid unintended negative consequences.

ELL Working Group researchers recommend opportunities for improving ELL outcomes through ARRA allocations.