Publications and Research

This policy report examines key issues for public policy related to school readiness, the relationship between school readiness and other factors in young children’s lives, and challenges in readying children for kindergarten.

This paper presents an overview of the efforts over three years (2002-2005) to develop and implement an assessment system for the New Jersey Abbott Preschool Program. From February, 2002 through August, 2005, Dr. Frede was assistant to the commissioner, Office of Early Childhood Education, New Jersey Department of Education.

This policy brief examines assessment of learning among preschoolers and the trend toward increased standardized testing of young children. The brief offers definitions and applications of assessment concepts and policy recommendations essential to a balanced approach.

This policy brief provides an overview of the extension of the standards movement to preschool programs. It presents the conditions and special considerations necessary for standards to have a positive impact on preschool children and strengthen accountability.

The study finds that preschool programs paid for by states improve children's readiness for school and lead to greater academic success. The paper provides numerous policy and evaluation recommendations for states implementing prekindergarten.