Publications and Research

This analysis integrates the results from a series of studies in California and makes recommendations for preschool policy in the state.

This policy brief examines the efforts of six states in pursuit of preschool for all.

Public support for the education and care of 3- and 4-year-olds has increased, but has this helped or hurt the provision of care for infants (children up to 12 months old) and toddlers (1- and 2-year-olds)? This policy brief examines trends in supply and demand in the infant/toddler care market, reviews state and federal policies for infant/toddler care, and recommends policy changes that could ensure new preschool policies benefit infant/toddler care and avoid unintended negative consequences.

Georgetown study finds Oklahoma's state-funded preschool for all program boosts children's skills dramatically.

This report examines the use and quality of preschool education programs in California and the differences across socioeconomic and demographic groups in terms of access.