Leadership Matters FY11

June 2010

This report from Pre-K Now examines governors' budget proposals for preschool education programs.

Leadership Matters FY11

by Pre-K Now (2010)


Pre-K Now's annual report, now web-based with interactive features, surveys gubernatorial funding proposals for state-funded preschool education programs in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Chief amongst the findings for fiscal year 2011 is that the nationwide proposed funding level is roughly the same as FY 2010 at approximately $5.3 billion. Beyond the national total, however, lie big variations, ranging from expansion plans in Alabama to the elimination of state pre-K in Arizona. Other findings include:

  • Nine governors would increase pre-K investments. These proposals would increase funding for early learning in these states by a total of $78.5 million.
  • Three states and the District of Columbia anticipate an increase for pre-K through their school funding formulas.
  • Ten governors are proposing to flat fund pre-K. The proposals maintain funding for early learning at FY10 levels and include Alaska and Rhode Island, which both started new programs in FY10.
  • Twelve governors are proposing to decrease pre-K funding. In these states, early learning investments would decline by a total of $100.6 million.
  • Ten states continue to provide no state-funded pre-K.

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