Hot Topic: Laughing Allegra

May 2003

The Inspiring Story of a Mother's Struggle and Triumph Raising a Daughter with Learning Disabilities

Laughing Allegra: The Inspiring Story of a Mother’s Struggle and Triumph Raising a Daughter with Learning Disabilities Anne Ford with John-Richard Thompson Newmarket Press, 2003 Summary: NIEER Director Steve Barnett reviewed Laughing Allegra -- the story of Anne Ford’s struggle to obtain an excellent education for her daughter with learning disabilities. Her story provides affirmation and information not just for parents of children with learning disabilities, but for all parents who believe that schools should meet each child’s needs and not the other way around. One of the many passages that stayed with me after reading the book was this one, he said: "We hear too many terrible stories today about much of the public school system, but had I known how far advanced it was in comparison to many of these 'high powered private schools,' especially when it came to special education classes, I would have leaped at the opportunity. But I didn't know what was out there for us and I sometimes wonder if Allegra didn't suffer because of it. How much easier things might have been if I had only known what was available for us in the local public school." More information