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Leadership Matters FY11

June 2010

This report from Pre-K Now examines governors' budget proposals for preschool education programs.

Estimated State and Local Fiscal Effects of the Nurse Family Partnership Program

August 2009

This recent working paper from Senior Economist Timothy J. Bartik of the Upjohn Institute focuses on the fiscal benefits of the Nurse Family Partnership program.

How Policymakers Should Deal with the Delayed Benefits of Early Childhood Programs

August 2009

Senior Economist Timothy J. Bartik examines the effects on earnings of early childhood programs in this working paper from the Upjohn Institute.

Distributional Effects of Early Childhood Programs and Business Incentives and Their Implications for Policy

August 2009

This working paper from the Upjohn Institute's Timothy J. Bartik looks at the effects of early childhood programs and business incentives on income distribution.

Preschool Adequacy and Efficiency in California: Issues, Policy Options, and Recommendations

May 2009

This analysis integrates the results from a series of studies in California and makes recommendations for preschool policy in the state.

The Fiscal Effects of Investing in High-Quality Preschool Programs

April 2009

This brief from The Brookings Institution estimates the impacts two model preschool programs would have on federal, state and local government budgets, finding that both programs would provide increased revenues over time.

Hot Topic: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

March 2009

ELL Working Group researchers recommend opportunities for improving ELL outcomes through ARRA allocations.

Comments on the National Early Literacy Panel Recommendations

February 2009

NIEER and national early language and literacy experts comment on the recommendations generated by the literacy panel in its report, “Developing Early Literacy,” that were based on a synthesis of existing scientific research.

The Serious Need for Play

January 2009

Early Learning Prevents Youth Violence

November 2008

Report shows intervention at preschool age can have a greater impact on childhood aggression than interventions at later ages.