Looking at Student Work: Using Peer-to-Peer Teacher Workgroups to Establish Accuracy and Usefulness of Child Observations

November 2011

This presentation explores improvements to child observations, including collecting accurate observations and work samples, documenting and applying evidence to assessments, and improving usefulness and accuracy of data. This presentation was originally given at the 2011 NAEYC Annual Conference by Judi Stevenson-Garcia, Shannon Riley-Ayers and Ellen Frede.


Now What? Using Those “Anecdotals” for Intentional Teaching

April 2011

Presented at the 38th Annual Head Start Conference in Kansas City, MO by Shannon Riley-Ayers, Judi Stevenson-Garcia, and Ellen Frede this presentation describes how to move from anecdotes to intentional teaching using the NIEER-developed Early Learning Scale.


Planned Explorations and Spontaneous Discoveries: Supporting Scientific Inquiry in Preschool

August 2010

This presentation describes the benefits of science for preschool students, acknowledges the challenges educators face, and provides practical strategies for fulfilling our responsibilities to young learners. Assistant Research Professor Kimberly Brenneman delivered this featured presentation at the DLM Summer Institute in July 2010.

2009 State Preschool Yearbook Webinar

June 2010

State prekindergarten programs in the U.S. were featured in a June 29, 2010 webinar presented by NIEER Director Steve Barnett and the National Title I Association. Highlights from the presentation included trends in access, spending and quality standards as well as information on curriculum, English language learners, assessments, monitoring and family engagement.

June 2010

Beyond Calendars and Today's Weather: Improving Instructional Quality and Learning Outcomes for Pre-K Mathematics and Science

November 2009

Presentation by NIEER Co-Director Ellen Frede and Research Professor Kimberly Brenneman at the annual meeting of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, November 2009.

Dorothy Strickland's Congressional Testimony on Early Literacy

November 2009

Dorothy Strickland, NIEER Distinguished Research Fellow, testified before the House Education and Labor Subcommittee on early literacy learning experiences, focusing on what is known, what is needed, how to improve and what is needed from the federal government to ensure high quality literacy learning experiences for young children that research shows can help reduce grade retention, improve graduation rates and enhance productivity in adult life.

The Changing Landscape of Pre-K: Examining the changes and impacts of quality standards in prekindergarten at the national, state, district and program levels.

June 2009

Presentation on policies, implementation strategies and monitoring of quality standards in prekindergarten at the national, state, district and program levels.

Seeing the Learning in Play: Using Performance-based Assessment to Document and Enhance Learning in Play

June 2009

Presentation by NIEER Research Professor Shannon Ayers and Co-director Ellen Frede on the Early Learning Scale and the importance of learning through play.

Hispanics, Language and Immigration: Gaps in the Early Years

April 2009

Presentation by NIEER Assistant Research Professor Milagros Nores and Claudia Pineda, University of California, on their study of Hispanic gaps, addressing questions such as: How much of the Hispanic achievement gap can be explained by language background differences and immigration experiences? How do Hispanics gaps evolve over time and compare to other racial groups? How do these differ across language backgrounds within the Hispanic group? Are there differences in gaps among children of immigrant versus non-immigrant parents and how does language matter in this context?

Child Outcomes of the Arkansas Better Chance Prekindergarten Program in Kindergarten and First Grade

April 2009

This presentation, presented by NIEER researchers Jason T. Hustedt, W. Steven Barnett, and Kwanghee Jung at the 2009 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, focuses on early results from a 5-year longitudinal study of the state-funded Arkansas Better Chance (ABC) prekindergarten program. The goal of this study is to estimate the effects of state-funded pre-K in Arkansas on children's language, mathematics, and literacy skills through fourth grade. Here, we present data about classroom quality in the ABC program and examine children's language, math, and literacy scores at three key points in time: the beginning of kindergarten, the end of kindergarten, and the end of first grade. Results from classroom quality analyses suggest that overall quality in ABC pre-K classrooms was generally high. Measures of child outcomes suggest continuing benefits for children who participated in the high-quality ABC program by the time they reach kindergarten and first grade.

Pre-K Availability in Vietnam: Determinants of Early Attainment & Progress

April 2009

Presentation by NIEER Assistant Research Professor Milagros Nores and Emanuella di Gropello, World Bank, at the 2009 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development. The presentation gives an overview of a paper that analyzes the effect of preschool availability in Vietnam on grade completion indicators, estimating the probability of grade completion and dropout.