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NIEER spotlights national and international news regarding preschool education in its magazine, Preschool Matters. Each issue features articles on early education - from research studies and public funding to facilities development and teacher training. You can also read interviews with newsmakers (from government leaders and policymakers to researchers and advocates), thought-provoking columns from NIEER Director Steve Barnett, and more.

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Volume 9, Number 1

April 2011

Funding Pre-K in Tough Times: More Focus on Data-Driven Decision Making Policy Alignment

Volume 8, Number 2

June 2010

New York Takes a Fresh Look at Universal Pre-K

Volume 8, Number 1

February 2010

2010 Will Be a Tough Year for Pre-K in Many States

Volume 7, Number 1

May 2009

Can State Pre-K Be Saved?

Volume 6, Number 3

December 2008

British Research Confirms Benefits of Preschool for All

Volume 6, Number 2

August 2008

Looking at Play the Healthy Way

Volume 6, Number 1

April 2008

State-Funded Pre-K Passes the Million-Child Mark

Volume 5, Number 5

December 2007

Public Investment in Early Care and Education is an Efficient Way to Strengthen Our Future Workforce

Volume 5, Number 4

September 2007

Study of Abbott Preschool Program Finds Positive Effects

Volume 5, Number 3

July 2007

Pre-K’s Big Question: Where Will We Put the Kids?

Volume 5, Number 2

March 2007

2006 State Preschool Yearbook Shows New Highs, a New Low

Volume 5, Number 1

January 2007

Docs For Tots: A Fresh Voice For Quality Early Childhood Education