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NIEER spotlights national and international news regarding preschool education in its magazine, Preschool Matters. Each issue features articles on early education - from research studies and public funding to facilities development and teacher training. You can also read interviews with newsmakers (from government leaders and policymakers to researchers and advocates), thought-provoking columns from NIEER Director Steve Barnett, and more in our archives below.

Over the years, we’ve striven to provide you with high-quality articles that treat early childhood education and care issues in the context of research, policy implications, and practice. We’ve also brought the same motivation for high-quality work to our blog, Preschool Matters…Today! As we move into the digital age, we will no longer be printing Preschool Matters. Instead, please visit to subscribe to our blog for all the latest news and analysis on today’s issues surrounding preschool education.

Preschool Matters ... Today!

March/April 2011 – Volume 9, Number 1
Funding Pre-K in Tough Times: More Focus on Data-Driven Decision Making Policy Alignment
May/June 2010 – Volume 8, Number 2
New York Takes a Fresh Look at Universal Pre-K
January/February 2010 – Volume 8, Number 1
2010 Will Be a Tough Year for Pre-K in Many States
April/May 2009 – Volume 7, Number 1
Can State Pre-K Be Saved?

November/December 2008 – Volume 6, Number 3
British Research Confirms Benefits of Preschool for All

July/August 2008 – Volume 6, Number 2
Looking at Play the Healthy Way
March/April 2008 – Volume 6, Number 1
State-Funded Pre-K Passes the Million-Child Mark
November/December 2007 – Volume 5, Number 5
Public Investment in Early Care and Education is an Efficient Way to Strengthen Our Future Workforce
August/September 2007 – Volume 5, Number 4
Study of Abbott Preschool Program Finds Positive Effects
June/July 2007 – Volume 5, Number 3
Pre-K’s Big Question: Where Will We Put the Kids?
February/March 2007 – Volume 5, Number 2
2006 State Preschool Yearbook Shows New Highs, a New Low
December/January 2007 – Volume 5, Number 1
Docs For Tots: A Fresh Voice For Quality Early Childhood Education
October/November 2006 – Volume 4, Number 6
Initiative to Give Pre-K Teachers Tools for High-Quality Inclusive Classrooms
August/September 2006 – Volume 4, Number 5
What Pre-K Teacher Shortage?
May/June 2006 – Volume 4, Number 4
Can More Full-Day Pre-K Address the Readiness Gap?
March/April 2006 – Volume 4, Number 2
Pre-K Inclusion Program Benefits All
December/January 2006 – Volume 4, Number 1
New Report Refines Views About Child Care’s Long-Term Effects
October 2005 – Volume 3, Number 4
Pre-K Claims in School Finance Lawsuits Reflect Shift in Strategy
June/July 2005 – Volume 3, Number 3
Seattle Early Literacy Program Creates Innovative System for School Readiness
March/April 2005 – Volume 3, Number 2
New Turning Point for Public Pre-K? New State Investments in Early Ed
January/February 2005 – Volume 3, Number 1
More States Find Virtue In ‘Sin Taxes’, New Way to Pay for Early Education
November/December 2004 – Volume 2, Number 5
State Pre-K Report: Disparities Abound Despite Progress, Many Still Left Behind
September/October 2004 – Volume 2, Number 4
Hawaii Calls State Summit on School Readiness; Alliance Presses for UPK
June/July 2004 – Volume 2, Number 3
Setting The Bar For Quality: States Debate What It Means To Be ‘Ready’ For School
April/May 2004 – Volume 2, Number 2
Judge Sees Quality Pre-K Necessary Part Of ‘Adequate’ Public Schools
Winter 2004 – Volume 2, Number 1
Starting At 3! A New Program Aims To Establish Legal Right To Preschool Programs
December 2003 – Volume 1, Number 3
Federal Reserve Economist Urges Much Wider Public Investment In Preschool
October/November 2003 – Volume 1, Number 2
A New Yardstick For Quality Of Pre-K: Check The Size Of Teachers’ Paychecks
August/September 2003 – Volume 1, Number 1
America Shortchanges Its Preschoolers: Few States Require Teacher Training