NIEER Videos

Early Childhood Education for the Future

June 2013
Video of panel presentation

Video - The Value of Pre-K: Mothers Discuss Preschool Benefits

May 2010

Parents of children in state-funded preschool education programs tell their personal stories in these interviews, available in both English and Spanish.

Video - Preschool: America's Best Investment

November 2004

Can investing in high-quality early education reduce the demand for high-cost special education, social welfare and criminal justice systems? NIEER Director Steve Barnett makes this point in this video, which features children in preschool and parents who weigh in on the issue.

Video - Growing and Learning in Preschool

September 2002

“Growing and Learning in Preschool” presents the essential features of a high-quality preschool program. This video shows how a preschool curriculum based on solid research builds school and life skills, why well-qualified teachers are so important, and how play is integrated into learning.