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NIEER presents its research in a wide variety of formats, including research reports, policy briefs, online videos, and newsletters. Browse our research using the categories below. Interested in obtaining complimentary hard copies of our work for yourself, your organization, or your class? Please use our Publication Order Form. To request permission for reprints, please contact NIEER's Policy and Communications Advisor Kirsty Clarke Brown at (732) 993-8051 or

Annual State Pre-K Reports NIEER's State Preschool Yearbook is an annual publication tracking the funding, access, and policies of state-funded preschool programs since the 2001-2002 school year.

Journal Articles Articles written by NIEER's researchers and fellows, published in online journals from outside organizations.

Latest Research Research reports on early education from NIEER and outside organizations.

NIEER Online Newsletters Back issues of NIEER's bi-weekly online newsletter covering hot topics and big news in early education. Subscribe here to stay updated.

NIEER Videos NIEER's video resources can help raise awareness of the important of early education to new audiences. We encourage you to view and share them.

NIEER Working Papers Working papers on some of the biggest issues in the rapidly developing field.

Policy Matters Policy Briefs NIEER's peer-reviewed policy briefs cover crucial issues in the field and are accompanied by convenient fact sheets for fast reference.

Policy Reports More in-depth policy analysis from NIEER's team of researchers and fellows.

Preschool Matters Newsletters Back issues of NIEER's printed Preschool Matters newsletters (last printed April 2011). Preschool Matters lives on in NIEER's blog Preschool Matters...Today!.

Presentations Recent presentations from NIEER's team at various conferences.

Recommended Books Must-reads in early childhood education from experts in the field.

Related Publications Crucial early education research from outside organizations. For a continually updated list of similar publications, please see the resource section of each edition of NIEER's online newsletter.

Preschool Matters (HTML) Back issues of NIEER's printed Preschool Matters newsletters (last printed April 2011) in HTML format, allowing links to individual articles.

Research Instruments Information on research instruments developed by NIEER as well as informaiton on how to license one for your research.