An Invitation to Invest in Children's Lives Through Independent Research...

Donate to NIEERDear Friend,

During these challenging times, we invite you to invest in hands-on research that can help make high-quality early education a reality for all children sooner rather than later. We can say with a great deal of certainty that high-quality early education can enrich children and the nation. What is far less certain is that our leaders at the federal, state and local levels will forge policies and programs that are effective and informed by the best research.

That is why we at NIEER are asking our friends to contribute to NIEER's Right from the Start, a fund to support research like our ongoing study that follows disadvantaged children who received high-quality preschool as they proceed through school. We at NIEER believe that studies such as these must go on despite the difficult economy.

Supporting Right from the Start with your tax-deductible donation – of whatever amount you can afford is one simple way you can help NIEER continue to change the lives of children. You can become a friend of Right from the Start in the following ways:

  • Make check payable to: National Institute for Early Education Research and mail it to us at:
    Rutgers University
    73 Easton Avenue
    New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1879
  • Make a credit card contribution by visiting the Rutgers Foundation at:
    Enter your donor information and donation amount in the boxes.
    Select "I want to support a fund not listed"
    In the box under "Would you like to support a fund not listed above", type "National Institute for Early Education Research".
    Click Next and continue following the instructions on the site.
  • Contact us to make contribution arrangements at (848) 932-4350.